K's thug lyfe
PMS buddies hahaha :’( :’((

PMS buddies hahaha :’( :’((

First day off with Yuuuu  ~~ had lunch at barnes and nobles and then watched Oculus @ regal. that movie seriously messed me up bro!!! Broo!! BROOO!!!

First day off with Yuuuu ~~ had lunch at barnes and nobles and then watched Oculus @ regal. that movie seriously messed me up bro!!! Broo!! BROOO!!!

#PizzaPics @dominos wuuaaapppaaawww!!! Day off life..pig life!

#PizzaPics @dominos wuuaaapppaaawww!!! Day off life..pig life!


!!! Loookie!
Im almost halfway there!!
I just did 2 hours of unload and now im on break so early because they had to add another train in the rollercoaster therefore bumping me out of my spot and the next and putting me nowhere!!
Next break is 30 minutes at 5 oclock. I dont think im gonna use that anymorr maybe I’ll just stick around lochness and make fun of everyone. Lmaoshuuneeshehh :))

Anyway ive been learning some Finnish with Chris. He’s so nice to talk to because he’s just really down right flat to his ass -nice. Well uhm the only word I remember is Hei which means Hello .. the how are you is ilvatbaaaaa wateber i cant remember it. I wonder how he can remember all the tagalog words I taught him. He knows lots of mean words already!!

It’s so cold today by the way. The temperature is like 2 to 3°. Trevino came in and brought us “hot hands”, those little packets that warms up so ur hands can stayy nice and warm.. yes that was nice of Trevino… i wish he gave me a lollipop too .. but I guess thats too much to ask. Lmao
~~ might or might not write again tonight


Today was supposed to be short.
I came in to work at 11:40 and my workmates say that we had a weather1 shutdown and the park was supposed to close at 10:30. Well damn. It didnt …

Day3 is so much fun though. Not much guests at the park and all asians in the platform.. i was at controls and Im yelling out tagalog words in the mic like.. tang ina kamote!!!! Lmao i enjoyed it so much. I enjoyed Poom so much. He was standing there right beside me while I do controls and im calling him a Gwilai which means banana in thai~ i guess. But but but then I had to get bumped and I had to go to LilClydes and be alone for 2 hours. It was raining so hard and I had to be lonely and cold and wet. .. but then all that stuff passed and im still alive but a bit traumatized of lil clydes.

It was raining so hard on our way home too. Fucking freeeeezing and wet. The nice thing Poom did was lend me his Hat. I was like “wat ? That hat is not mine…….OHHH U WANT ME TO USE YOUR HAT! THATS SOO SWEEEET” Lmao a hat is no help but at least it kept my scalp “less cold”. Plusss other sweet stuff. He’s such a sweet dude. Bonus cute points added to the pile of cute he already is.

Then back at the village.. we just ate dinner and then Randy came over to cuddle with Yu while I watch shameless season four and I let them see bunch of the sex scenes. Then Alev called and we had a little chat about 2/7 and he was snickering over the phone and we were just giggling all the time and talking about inappropriate sexual stuff.

I think sleeping with someone, as in really just sleeping, with arms wrapped around each other is very corny. I wouldnt do that unless I really love the person im sleeping with. Yes I would watch a movie with a guy or make out with him on his bed but I wouldnt go so much as to cuddle him to sleep. It’s something only people deeply in love do. I cant lay there hugging someone I have no feelings for for hours. Id rather travel an hour or two to get to my own bed. The reason i wrote this is because the circumstances around me show people wanting to sleep on 1 bed while cuddling but I… I wouldnt do that. I’ll kick you in the stomach.


Im writing this in the ireland break area the day after my 2/7 cuz last night I was so hammered that I just kinda slammed my body to the bed and slept. also other things happened. Like laundry and stuff.

Things about work.. uhhhh ..Mostly I just work with Chris and Poom. Those guys are fun at least. Towards the end of the day Chris started saying these tagalog words to me… like “anong numero”, “apat”,”dalawa”,”magyelo ka”, and most specially… “supot”. I laughed so hard when he said supot cuz I thought he meant supot as in hindi pa tuli, but then he meant supot as in bags… :3 
I was so curious about where he’s getting all his words and I couldnt figure it out… maybe he has a smartwatch.

Man. I hate sitting in the break area without something hot to eat! Ip want my hot stuff to stuff in my mouth!!
Uhhhm . I also did laundry yesterday and you might be asking why I ended up hammered, its because i saw alev in the laundry and you kno wat happens when i see alev…. i drink. So we drank and I got to know new people again. Like Tony and Fon(thai). I like knowing new people. It scares me but its fun.


Hey guys I decided to write some bits of my day for 7 days cuz itsgonna be my first time to work for 7 days straight. Im just gonna see how well im gonna do it or if I actually complete 7 days or if I die or get sick or something.

Anyway…. today was nice.
We operated three trains at the rollercoaster. So that means we’re packed with people and we must do our jobs 2x faster. Its hard. Good thing I was barely at platform and never in the controls. Cuz i will cry if I break down the ride. For reals. There are only few people I know at work today. Most are at school, Sam and Katherine I probably wouldnt see for the whole week. Although I really hope they show up cuz im so lonely without them. Chris is nice tho and this Thai boy, Poom, is easy to talk to.

Well… blah blah. I worked from 11:45am to 9:45pm today. Got home at around 10:35. I have no clean uniforms so I have to reuse the one I wore today. Eww right. But its alright .i didnt sweat that much anyway plus i wore a tshirt underneath..

Gtg gotta sleep. Early tomorrow

MaryLand and DC

Reflections on whats happening with myself lately.
Well. Im in Maryland right now.
Waldorf maybe. Im not particularly sure where..
We are currently heading to the mall to buy a gift for my Tita’s inaanak and to buy some stuff for me too.
Ive been here yesterday and they took me to Washington DC to see the Cherry Blossoms but I saw faaaaar more than that. I saw lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., the White House and many many many mannyyyy moore!!!
It was so fun. Washington DC is huuuuuge!

Alright so we’re at the mall’s foodcourt right now. I guess it’s called Simon Malls. I JUST PASSED BY GAMESTOP and nope, it isnt exactly for pc gamers. So that just made me sad. Plus u might be asking me why I am actually typing all these, well….. It’s cuz I dont have internet and Im just gonna keep live blogging whats going on since I cant tweet. .. it makes me cringe when I cant tweet. Im eating pretzels from Auntie Anne’s and this is the second time ive eaten pretzels since I got here in Maryland. Pretzels here are soo different from the Philippines (or as what they like to call it, P.I.). Pretzels here are so thick It takes me more than 30 minutes to eat it, if this is P.I. i’ll be done in 5mins. Lmao. Same goes for fries. Im eating cinnamon sugar pretzel btw and i never liked cinnamon so this just makes me think about my sister and maybe miss her a little bit. See, spending this much time with Amara and Tiph just got me missing having my own sister around.

This entry just goes shooting and shooting in all different directions. Ayyy lmao.

Crappy Photo but hey! Im in the 桜祭り~ #CherryBlossomFestival of #WashingtonDC .. first time to see DC and first time to see cherry blossoms!! Boooyahh!!

Crappy Photo but hey! Im in the 桜祭り~ #CherryBlossomFestival of #WashingtonDC .. first time to see DC and first time to see cherry blossoms!! Boooyahh!!


Motivational quotes

Hey you guys!
Uhm uhhhh…. its my day off today.. and tomorrow and the day after that and monday too. All in all I have four days to do nothing. Hah!

Today is the first day and I have been sleeping for 15 hours. I havent gone outside the room yet. I am almost bored but right now I am painting my nails on my room mate’s bed. I am a fucking fantastic room mate.

Alright! Today might be boring but the sun is still up and maybe some stuff will happen when its down. ??? Idk maybe we’ll cook and I’ll have ramyun for dinner. Thatll be good okiiiiiidokii karaokii

So im gonna tell you more about how fantastic it is @ work. People are funny and I get along with this girl Katherine so much cuz shes half filipino but know only like 10words in tagalog. Iknowrytlmao. We called our supervisor “bakla” and told him it meant beautiful but then he found out it means “hermaphrodite” (fuq u google.it means gay)… so now no one trusts us when we speak tagalog anymore but im trying to makee up for it by calling Chris “pogi” instead… ya know. He is pogi indeed anyway. Im also with this girl Princess who is from Baliuag and we chika so much at work I wonder if people think we talk about them cuz we totally do. I know its bad. Sorry im not gonna do it anymore whuahuhuhuhuhuhu…

Also things at the village are goin nice. Not that nice but nice nice. Im befriending this guy named Alev and uhhhh he’s getting so cocky on fb chat… not.nice.bro. I think im also getting better at feldth things cuz last last night I made **** *** and thats fantastic. Feldth thing is what im gonna call jugjug things starting now cuz thats wat feldth and i mostly talk about anyway.
Also I like being friends with the pretty girl a.k.a my room mate a.k.a. Yurihah … lmao they give her free food all the time so I get to eat too.. *confetti*